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Renewables & Low Carbon Technology
Renewable energy sources and zero carbon technology are evolving rapidly and Kinder-Janes are moving in tandem with all the major energy companies and contractors to meet these new opportunities.

Our Lewa odourising systems are world leaders in Mercaptan dosing for natural gas, hydrogen, methane and other fuel gases.  They have been widely supplied throughout the UK and Europe for odourising at source at the growing number of Biogas plants. 

The production of BtL fuels (biomass to liquid) also requires the metering of hazardous fluids under critical process conditions such as extreme temperatures and high pressures.  Lewa have developed remote head metering pumps specifically for such applications.

Similarly, our Nova Rotors pumps are ideally suited to feedstock supply and waste handling at these Biogas plants.

Compressed hydrogen gas as a fuel source and means of energy storage is another expanding field.  Our Sundyne PPI diaphragm compressors and have been supplied throughout the world since 2001 for Hydrogen Refuelling Stations and other similar applications.  We also have our Nikkiso ACD cryo pumps which include both reciproacting and centrfugal pump solutions for pumping liquid hydrogen and other liquefied gases.

Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) is another important field in the transition to a low carbon economy and here our Lewa diaphragm pumps have a proven history.  Single units are able to handle applications up to around 1,000KW and the safe leak-free design and Lewa experience makes them a proven option for CO2 streams even with high levels of H2S.

Our well-known Sundyne high speed pump and compressor range also has important applications in the move towards greener technology.  The new generation of Co-gen power plants typically require Fuel Gas Booster compressors to operate their turbines at maximum efficiency.   Efficient power generation also requires efficient Sundyne low flow, high centrifugal pumps for a range of applications including Water Injection, Nox Suppression, Boiler Feedwater supply and Condensate Return.

Finally, there are also the many lubrication systems required for the mechanical systems involved, whether these be compressors, recovery turbines or wind turbines.  We can supply both our Leistritz screw pump and Scherzinger gear pump range of lube pumps and systems.

Typical Applications
  • Biogas Production

  • Boiler Feed

  • CO2 Re-injection

  • Condensate Return

  • Fuel Gas Boosting

  • Gas Odourisation

  • Hydrogen Compression

  • Hydrogen Refuelling

  • Liquid Hydrogen Pump

  • NoX Suppression

  • Turbine Lube Oil Systems

  • Water Injection

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Kinder-Janes and the Hydrogen Economy

The move towards renewable energy sources and zero carbon continues to accelerate and we at Kinder-Janes have a wide range of pumps to suit .

One particular area of expansion is in hydrogen compression for energy storage and as a fuel source. 

Our Sundyne PPI range of high presure, sealless diaphragm compressors have been deployed at Hydrogen Refueling Stations around the Globe since 2001.

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