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Low Temperature & Cryogenic Pumps
Low temperature and cryogenic liquids are used in a wide variety of applications and require specialist knowledge and equipment to handle successfully.

Our ACD Cryo range of centrifugal and reciprocating cryogenic pumps are specialists in this field and have abundant experience in pumping liquified industrial gases such as hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, ethylene. CO2 and NO2.  They are also widely used in the expanding clean energy LNG market for distribution, storage and clean gas engine systems. 

Our Sundyne range of high speed pumps have been used for many years across refineries worldwide for pumping liquified gases such as Methane, Ethylene, Propylene and Propanes at temperatures down to -110 deg.C . 

Similarly, Lewa have extensive experience of pumping and metering low temperature liquids utilsing remote head designs to minimise any heat input, such as for the liquid CO2 pumps used in the CERN Large Hadron Collider facility. 


Typical Applications
  • Air Separation

  • Process-Recirculation Plant Back-up

  • Transportation/Distribution

  • Trailer Loading & Offloading

  • Packaging

  • Cylinder Filling

  • Storage Filling & Transfer

  • Liquid Cylinder Filling

  • LNG Fuel applications

  • Air gasses

  • LNG

  • CO2

  • Liquid nitrogen, oxygen, argon, hydrogen

  • Enhanced Oil Recovery

  • Clean Energy

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Kinder-Janes and the Hydrogen Economy

The move towards renewable energy sources and zero carbon continues to accelerate and we at Kinder-Janes have a wide range of pumps to suit .

One particular area of expansion is in hydrogen compression for energy storage and as a fuel source. 

Our Sundyne PPI range of high presure, sealless diaphragm compressors have been deployed at Hydrogen Refueling Stations around the Globe since 2001.

For safe and efficient Hydrogen compression solutions from an experienced and trusted manufacturer click here for more details



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