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ACD Cryo
Centrifugal and reciprocating pumps & systems for cryogenic applications
Magnetic drive, sealless centrifugal pumps, plastic ETFE lined for corrosive chemical and solvent duties.
Combined plate and shell & tube “platular” code stamped heat exchangers with customised applications and construction from a range of fully welded or access cover designs in stainless steel or exotic alloys. Widely applied for pharmaceutical applications and for condensers, particularly vent condensers on vacuum services.
CP Pumpen
Chemical process pumps, magnetic coupled glandless and conventionally mechanically sealed, in exotic materials, PFA and ceramic linings. Short immersed pump systems with ejectors for difficult liquid tank transfer from “top entry only” tanks.

A unique rotating disc design, ideal where solids handling or abrasion is an issue, or where gentle, laminar flow is necessary.

Fybroc Pumps

Corrosion proof, FRP (Fibreglass), centrifugal pumps for acid, fluoridic, caustic, seawater, bleach and abrasive duties, including self priming and vertical and cantilever sump pumps.

Complete Nitrogen Generation Packages utilsing either PSA or Membrane technology. Geveke membrane systems are based on unique hollow fibre technology to offer the best efficiency and purity levels of up to 99.5%.
Graham Manufacturing
“Heliflow” helical coil, code stamped, heat exchangers and complete Vacuum Systems, including single or multiple stage Ejector systems, Process Vacuum Condensers and Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps
HMD Pumps
Sealless, magnet drive centrifugal pumps to API 685 specifically developed for the oil and gas industry for refinery and heavy duty petrochemical applications. Horizontal, Vertical and Low Flow designs
Screw pumps with two, three or five-spindle, single or double-volute, self-priming displacement pumps for the low / medium or high-pressure range. API 676 verions and special multi-phase gas/oil pumps and systems.
Glandless diaphragm and plunger pumps and packages to API 675 for metering and high pressure applications, plus laboratory and pilot plant pumps and complete packages for metering and mixing incorporating state-of-the-art electronic and computer controls.
Heavy duty, API 610 centrifugal pumps, single and multistage, vertical and horizontal designs for oil and gas, water and fire fighting applications. Now part of the Sundyne group and complementing the traditional high speed and vertical in-line Sundyne pump ranges.
Nikkiso Canned Motor Pump
The pump and motor are integrated in the sealed leak-proof structure to create a sealless design with full secondary containment. Ideally suited for hazardous transfer and circulation applications in the chemical and petro-chemical industry, the pump is also compliant to API-685 standard.
Nova Rotors
Progressing Cavity Pumps covering all industry sectors, including sanitary and API 676 designs. In addition to traditional progressing cavity design, Nova Rotors also offer “wobble” stator versions with just a single universal joint.
High pressure triplex and multiplex plunger pumps to API 674 and ASME standards. Heavy duty design and multiple seal options for critical, continuous process applications.
Standard and special design gear pumps, for general and chemical duties, including glandless, magnet drive designs
Sundyne API 610 LMV process pumps, vertical in-line high speed OH6 and OH3 ,plus high speed, multistage HMP Process Pumps and Sunflo high speed industrial pumps - Compressors, including LMC Vertical in-line high speed, Pinnacle multistage, high speed centrifugal compressors and PPI sealless reciprocating diaphragm compressors
An extensive and competitive range of high efficiency Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps (AODD) in metallic and non-metallic designs
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Kinder-Janes and the Hydrogen Economy

The move towards renewable energy sources and zero carbon continues to accelerate and we at Kinder-Janes have a wide range of pumps to suit .

One particular area of expansion is in hydrogen compression for energy storage and as a fuel source. 

Our Sundyne PPI range of high presure, sealless diaphragm compressors have been deployed at Hydrogen Refueling Stations around the Globe since 2001.

For safe and efficient Hydrogen compression solutions from an experienced and trusted manufacturer click here for more details



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