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Metering and Mixing Packages

For continuous or batch systems, including hygienic and sanitary systems for food, pharma and biotech applications

Systems covering flow rates from 10 ml/h to 180 m3/hr, and discharge pressures of up to 3500 bar.

For decades Lewa have built customized production units and provide:

  • preliminary planning,
  • on-site data collection
  • testing and calculation services for secondary systems and pressure conditions.
  • intelligent process management
  • integrated instrumentation and control technology


Lewa packages - the experience and expertise you need to reduce process steps, prevent pipeline problems, save space and equipment, and design the process economically.

The advantages of Lewa metering, mixing and filling systems:

Customised systems tailored to customer requirements with single source, unit responsibility for the system, mechanics, electronics and control!

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