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Graham Desuperheaters

Our Graham Desuperheaters are used to lower the temperature of superheated steam and can maintain a set outlet temperature when flow rate or pressure varies.

Graham fabricates custom Venturi or Steam-Atomizing Desuperheaters for industries that include power, refining, pulp and paper, food and beverage, plastics and pharmaceuticals.

Our Graham Desuperheaters are "in-line" units with flanged, buttweld, or NPT connections, shipped fully assembled and ready for immediate installation. Manufactured under an ISO-9000 quality program, the desuperheaters can also be stamped for ASME pressure vessel standards or fabricated to ANSI piping standards.

Graham Venturi Desuperheaters, which use a venturi nozzle to atomize the cooling water, are available in two styles: Double-Venturi (SV-1) and Single-Venturi (SV-2). The SV-1 is our most common style, with a venturi spray nozzle inside a venturi pipe. This style is capable of moderate turndown up to 10:1, low outlet superheat, and moderate pressure drop. The SV-2 is a scaled-down version of the SV-1, with only a venturi nozzle installed in a standard pipe. Turndown capability is much lower at 3:1 and outlet superheat is higher, but this style induces no pressure drop.

The Steam-Atomizing (SA) Desuperheaters use high pressure steam to atomize the cooling water. Turndown can be very high, up to 50:1, outlet superheat is low, and pressure drop is negligible.

Each Graham Desuperheater is custom-engineered and built for the specific application, ensuring trouble-free service for years.

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