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Refining & Petrochemical
We have supplied process equipment to all the UK refining and petrochemical sites since the earliest days of the industry and continue to work on major projects worldwide through the UK contractor industry.

Our range includes centrifugal and positive displacement pumps designed to API Standards 610, 674, 675, 676 and 685, API 617 integrally geared centrifugal compressors (up to 4,000 HP power rating), API 617 turbo expanders (compressor or generator loaded), API 618 diaphragm compressors, API 681 liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressor packages, vacuum equipment and heat exchangers.

As well as our well-known Sundyne centrifugal and Lewa diaphragm pumps, our API range also includes other specialised niche manufacturers such as HMD sealless mag drive pumps, Marelli centrifugal pumps, Peroni plunger pumps, Leistritz screw pumps, Nikkiso canned motor pumps, Nova Rotors progressive cavity pumps and YTS air operated diaphragm pumps.

We have recently added our unique Discflo pump range which is ideally suited to high viscosity of contaminated and abrasive fluids.  These pumps provide an effective solution for difficult erosive applications with high solids content and also multiphase and emulsifying fluids.

Our Sundyne compressor range also now includes PPI reciprocating diaphragm compressors.

Typical Applications
  • Isomerisation

  • Hydrockracking

  • Hydrotreating

  • Hydrogenation

  • Alkylation

  • Amine

  • Light hydrocarbon recovery

  • Butane, propane, ethylene

  • Reactor circulation

  • Recycle & reflux

  • Condenser knock out

  • HP Absorption, MEA, DEA

  • Boiler feed water

  • Desuperheating and water injection

  • Feed

  • Utilities

  • Transfer

  • Slop and drains

  • Distillation & separation

  • Desulphurisation

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Kinder-Janes and the Hydrogen Economy

The move towards renewable energy sources and zero carbon continues to accelerate and we at Kinder-Janes have a wide range of pumps to suit .

One particular area of expansion is in hydrogen compression for energy storage and as a fuel source. 

Our Sundyne PPI range of high presure, sealless diaphragm compressors have been deployed at Hydrogen Refueling Stations around the Globe since 2001.

For safe and efficient Hydrogen compression solutions from an experienced and trusted manufacturer click here for more details



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