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Including Metering, Mixing, Odorising and Chemical & Methanol Injection packages

When more than just a simple stand alone pump is required, we can supply a range of standard or completely custom designed Lewa packaged systems integrating pumps, vessels, piping, valves, lubrication, cooling and control systems.

By choosing an integrated Lewa supplied system, you can be assured of reliable, trouble free operation with single source support from design to commissioning and after-sales support.

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Kinder-Janes and the Hydrogen Economy

The move towards renewable energy sources and zero carbon continues to accelerate and we at Kinder-Janes have a wide range of pumps to suit .

One particular area of expansion is in hydrogen compression for energy storage and as a fuel source. 

Our Sundyne PPI range of high presure, sealless diaphragm compressors have been deployed at Hydrogen Refueling Stations around the Globe since 2001.

For safe and efficient Hydrogen compression solutions from an experienced and trusted manufacturer click here for more details



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