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Fybroc Typical Applications

Fybroc pumps have been used extensively to pump corrosive liquids in the following markets and applications.

Acid Producers 
- Hydrochloric acid 
- Sulfuric acid (high concentration) 
- Salt water 
Chemical Process 
- Acids 
- Chemical waste 
- Solvents 
- Waste water 
Desalination/Water Reuse Plants 
- Filtration 
- Reverse Osmosis 
- Brakish Water 
- Seawater In-take 
- Chemical Transfer 
- Concentrated Brine 
Electric Utilities 
- Coal pile run-off 
- Lime slurry 
- Stack wash 
- Top ash 
- Acids 
- Chemical waste 
- Solvents 

Metal Finishing 
- Chromic acids 
- Pickling acids 
- Plating solutions 
- Acids 
- Chemical waste 
- Solvents 
- Organic Solvents 
Pulp and Paper 
- Bleach 
- Spent acid 
- Tall Oil 
- White liquor 
- Abrasives 
- Acid waste 
- Corrosives 
Scrubbers/Odor Control 
- Abrasives 
- Acids 
- Caustics 
- Corrosive chemicals

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Kinder-Janes adds Discflo pumps to Range


We are very excited to announce the addition of the unique Discflo pump and mixer range to our products.

The Discflo pump uses rotating discs to harness viscous flow for smooth, pulsation free, laminar flow.

The result is a pump uniquely suited to severe applications where abrasion, viscosity, entrained air, excessive wear and corrosion problems wreak havoc on pump systems and degrade products.

Suitable for all industries (including API) where solids handling or abrasion is an issue, or where gentle, laminar flow is necessary. 

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