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Heliflow Coolers and Shell & Coil Heat Exchangers


The Graham Heliflow is a unique type of shell and tube heat exchanger, yielding heat transfer rates that can be more than 40% better than typical shell and tube designs.

The tubes in the Heliflow are arranged in parallel, starting with an inlet manifold on one end, and terminating at an outlet manifold on the opposite end. The tube bundle is wound into a helical pattern. This coiled construction creates a spiral flow path for the fluid inside the coil.

Each tube is in close contact with the tube above and below it. The coiled tube bundle is fit into a two piece casing. When the casing is tightened, it is designed to slightly compress the tubes. Because of the tight fit, the shellside fluid is forced to circulate in a spiral pattern, which is created by the open spaces between the coils.

High pressure, specialized materials, cyclic operation, temperature extremes and other conditions can be handled without a problem. 

Graham also manufacture Desuperheaters and for more information, please click HERE

Graham Heliflow Heat Exchanger have years of proven service, in thousands of applications throughout the world, with high quality performance always guaranteed

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